thee classic motorcycle days

Vintage Sprint Race in ENGLAND
by shinya-ishigami

~engine swap fault~


it would be a Drag race on 29th/Aug

befor that race i tried to swap the engine.
i wanted to use my TR-5 engine for race,then i wanted to
know how fast that engin can run.

but i would use my T-100 cylinder head,cause TR-5 one
is too lose for the race.


finaly i put TR-5 engin on my T-100 racer's frame.

the camlift of my TR-5 was too much,i use racing cams on my TR-5,
and Valve size of my T-100's cylinder head was too much as well.

was huge waste the time ,
but too fun for me,cause i built my TR-5 engine almost 4years
befor ,when i worked on my TR-5 ,it droves me 4years younger,
it means befor i left Japan.

by shinya-ishigami | 2010-09-21 21:00 | Racin' 2010