thee classic motorcycle days

Vintage Sprint Race in ENGLAND
by shinya-ishigami

~Racin' in 2011~

for me,It was a First & Last Drag Race in this season

because of worth direction,i could try to run just only twice...

no chance to get correct jetting

Drag Racing is the Best for me!!

in this year,
i roude my Triumph only few seccons,
but it's made me so excited!!

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# by shinya-ishigami | 2011-10-28 02:47

~YOKOHAMA Hot Rod Custom Show~

i entried the show with my mate,Kaz and Photo Rock

Triumpher Kaz


then, Falcon motorcycles from U.S picked my
Dragracer for award!!
yep,i got it!!

from left to right
Triumpher Kaz,me,and Photo rock

here is Falcon's Triumph
look at very carefully!!
and dig up how wonderfull this triumph is !!

Alright guys!?


all are my friends
they supported me,an celebrated!!

me mate,Yas and his chick

fueler magazine girl

Tride M/Cs where i worked and lerned befor i left Japan

Yas's Triumph built by Crib M/C

mooneyes' show Triumph

thanks to everyone who suporrted me to continue ridin'
my Drag racer!!
it made this result!!
thank you so much!!

all pics are from Triumpher Kaz except last one

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# by shinya-ishigami | 2010-12-22 19:43 | Event

~thee Final round in 2010~

got lots of kool pics from kaz again
here are few of them


custom deluxie

All pics are from Kaz
"TRIUMPHer Blog"

thanks 4 all of ur help!!

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# by shinya-ishigami | 2010-11-08 01:14 | Racin' 2010

~Draggin' on bloody Road Race circuit~

it was a Drag Race at Fuji speedway in Japan
venue is a one of F-1 race track

but condition was terrible,too much wet!!

wet surface of road droves me away!!

our racin' crew Sugi,

huge thanks for your suport! and kindness!!

all pics and film from man in Triumpher

huge thankls for everything!!!

if you got interested in these pics
visit his blog
no Triumph no Life "Triumpher"blog

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# by shinya-ishigami | 2010-10-24 16:20 | Racin' 2010

~a cool Chap!!~

was Fueler mag's phot shot
with professional fashion model !!

what a bloody cool she was !!

the Fueler mag will be out on 26th/Nov

must get it !!

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# by shinya-ishigami | 2010-10-08 16:25 | in Japan

~Drag Games~

Drag Games is a Japanese Drag Race only for Harley-Davidson

But i tried to entry that one,it might be impossible or idiot
but i just wanna Draggin' evrytime,evrywhere!!

finaly i could run just only onece!!
How excited it was,

so,the result was too bad,was worst whole in my career!!
cause the right side carb was felt down and i couldn't
recovely while the runing.

what a stupid i was!!!
but evrytime Draggin drives me too hot!!
I love it !!

and i got that pic from Photo Rock's Blog
Man's Ruin in Tokyo

this is my next plane

alright then
see you next Draggin
thanks a lot!!

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# by shinya-ishigami | 2010-09-21 23:37 | Racin' 2010





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